Established in 1893 HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY of Cracow
is the oldest society of this kind in Poland
and one of the oldest in whole Europe

Some history

The Horticultural Society of Cracow was established in 1893, as one of the first in Poland.

The organisation was an idea of the Professor Edward Janczewski - remarkable polish botanist and gardener. Thanks to his efforts, as well as his assistant at the Jagiellonian University - Piotr Józef Brzeziński and help of the Cracovian intellectuals and enthusiasts the idea could be accomplished.

The main objective of the Society was to raise the level of the horticultural production in the region of Cracow and Western Malopolska. Its first tasks were to enlarge the area of gardens, introduce new, valuable speciments of fruit-trees and vegetables to the cultivation and to generalise the modern technologies in gardening.

From the very beginning the Horticultural Society of Cracow opened the freeware courses in the field of gardening. It included the theoretical subjects as well as the practical ones.

One of its great achievements was implementation of the model-orchards in the first half of the 20-th Century.

During more than 110 years The Horticultural Society of Cracow had good periods with intervals of collapses (like two world wars) but never stopped its activity.


Nowadays The Society has several members and three themathic clubs (Floristic Club, Orchid Club and House and Garden Club) who unites peoples in view of personal interests. To know more about the Clubs and its achievments, see its own sities.

Medal designed for Horticultural Society in Cracow
by the artist ?. Stamped in 1901 in occassion of The First
Domestic Horticultural Exhibition and re-stamped again in 1968.
Since that it became a logo of the Society.

Address for correspondence: Towarzystwo Ogrodnicze w Krakowie
ul. Dobrego Pasterza 121
31-216 Krakow
Mobil phone: +48 602-10-90-50 (President, Andrzej Nowak
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